Year: 2022
CAST: Andrej Godina, Gennarino Esposito, Mauro Illiano, Pia Donata Berlucchi, Tommaso Longo

Featuring the authoritative voices of Pasini, Scienza, Samaritani, Tonelli, Accerenzi, Patacconi, Revelli, Dinella, Monteleone, and Luongo, experts Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano explore the worlds of wine and coffee from all angles, uncovering surprising similarities and dissonances. The two authors, along with the NaNo Film crew led by director Vincenzo Lamagna, traveled across Italy visiting the iconic places that define these two beverages. In approximately ninety minutes, the film tells and explores the story with a linear and cohesive narrative: it begins with the tales of the land, from which the fruits that will end their cycle in a glass or a cup are born, and then poses fundamental questions that now require answers. Can grape and coffee cultivation be sustainable? How valuable is the magical transformation process that makes these two fruits the most beloved beverages in the world?