Year: 2021

CAST: Mauro Illiano, Alfonso Caputo, Francesco Costanzo, Claudio Sciaraffa, Leila Mancusi Sorrentino, Massimiliano Rosati, Nando Cirella, Paola Campana

The story of coffee does not begin in Naples. This is why “Café – Story of a Neapolitan Revival” opens with an initial act of investigating the origins of a timeless tradition. Lejla Mancusi Sorrentino starts with a romantic tale of exotic places and journeys of discovery, setting the narrative in motion. By structuring a story that bounces from rooted Neapolitan traditions to foreign cultures, the documentary aims to show how the essence of coffee is the keystone that allows access to a world yet to be fully discovered. A staple of daily life, a brief pause between commitments, the meaning of coffee does not hide at the bottom of a cup; one must go beyond to glimpse the soul of a beverage that is so humble yet so essential.