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Nano Films, Great Stories

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Nano Films,
Great Stories

NaNo Film Production is an independent Italian film production company. We focus on creating documentaries and short films. We are constantly searching for stories with a unique artistic voice, capable of fully expressing themes that touch the delicate chords of the human soul.

Our documentaries are works aimed at connecting the audience with the territory, focusing on the traditions and cultural innovations that surround it. Our short films, on the other hand, are a journey to discover emotions and how they can be expressed in millions of facets.

Through deep research and a rooted passion for cinema, our production ventures into the landscape of new technologies, using them consciously and sustainably. Our sets are always accompanied by a green protocol, using low-energy equipment and committing to raising awareness on the topic through the powerful medium that cinema offers.

Nano Films,
Great Stories

In the heart of the North Naples area, the NaNo Film Festival aims to showcase innovative short films from around the world, rewarding the creativity of the filmmakers.

The mission of NaNo Film, the founding association of the Festival, is to inject new vitality and culture into its land, in order to cultivate in the new generations the seeds of creativity, imagination, and knowledge. The NaNo Film Festival has obtained the support of the Ministry of Culture and the FCRC.


Più Spazio,
Più Storie

NaNo Film + is a transmedia platform of stories that nods to technological innovations and sustainability in cinema. Through widespread communication, it reaches out to a broad and diverse audience, promising them clear and accessible enjoyment. Here, stories act as an essential catalyst for communication across different media.

From cinema to novels, from seminars to podcasts, NaNo Film + proves to be a necessary means to acquaint oneself with the future, diversifying languages and venturing into a world where imagination knows no bounds.